Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Friends -  I love my extended family of friends. And I only realise how much I love them when I don't get to see them. Guys and gals... I have missed you all so much over the holidays. 

Freshness -  I was smart enough to sort out my room before I headed home for the holidays. So when I came back from two weeks at home I was greeted by fresh linen on my bed, the floor hoovered, all my clothes in the wardrobe and nothing to do but throw some clothes into the wash and I was done. I love a fresh start in January. I even moved around some furniture before I left so that everything would look new and different when I got back. 

Freedom - Being home for the holidays was all wonderful and stuff but god is it good to be back on my own little patch. I never thought I'd say this but 'Limerick, I've missed you'. I think two weeks of parents, siblings, frozen pipes = limited water = rationed showers, excessive amounts of turkey and ham and a lovable dog who decided to bite me on Christmas morning has just worn me out. I am now back to the world of getting up when I want to (within reason), mealtimes when I'm hungry, my own bathroom, wi-fi throughout the entire house and the freedom to wear what I want without any raised eyebrows.

Honourable Mentions - seeing your breath on a cold night, the smell of toast while you're waking up, being back in my freshly cleaned room in Limerick, leftover Christmas fairy lights, Tonys hot chocolate in Javas, toasted banana and honey sandwiches, warm feet in warm socks, persuading myself that going back to the gym is a good idea

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