Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daylight Savings

Time to start saving your pennies for Christmas. 

I always panic when it comes to Christmas shopping . I worry if I've spent enough, or too much. The crowds annoy me. I leave everything until the last minute. I make endless lists in case I forget someone. I worry if they'll really like what I get them or will they just be polite and re-gift as soon as possible.

This year I'm going to try approaching Christmas shopping a little differently. This year I will be calm and collected. I will plan my shopping days carefully in order to maximise my efficiency. I will think through each purchase and not spend needlessly.

Ah... who am I kidding? Even I know that somethings never change.

How about you? How do you approach your Christmas shopping?


  1. I feel like each year I feel more obligated to buy something bigger and better for each person. Consumerism at it's finest.
    I too wait until last minute, but I tend to do a lot of my shopping online.

  2. This will only be my third Christmas in my lifetime so I'm still getting the hang of it. That said, I've been stocking up on amazing experiences from the likes of Groupon and Living Social to give us gifts. An hour flying a plane, sushi making classes ... that kind of thing. I like the idea of giving memories xo

  3. Many lists, for some reason each time there is one different person in it than the last list and usually someone else missing from the previous one. Its gotten to the stage that I figure if I remember them when I'm toddling around then they deserve a present..... that or my memory is going..... that or my.... wait a minute.