Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday


New Boots -  They fit, they fit, They FIT!!! I am one of those unfortunate ladies who is blessed with strong, powerful calves. Which would be great for running away from predators and so forth but are kinda crap when it comes to finding beautiful, affordable boots that fit. So finding a pair of flat, black, knee high boots that fit like a dream and look amazing are not only the high light of my week, but also of my month.

Old Friends - Lots of friends are back home from far flung places today and all are about Limerick for tea. Lots of time spent catching up on gossip and remembering in-jokes.

Honourable Mentions - toffee nut lattes at Starbucks, laughing with my girlfriends about the thoughts of stuffing a sports bra, contemplating getting myself a Bobble, red scarves and blue cardigans, Celebrations sweets, LMFAO, leopard print anything, giant jelly babies, hot scones with jam and whipped cream, steaming hot berry tea


  1. Oooh I am SO with you on the boots thing!! In my family we call them "The Lynch Calves". They're infamous! But I also managed to find a beautiful pair of knee high boots this year; hopefully this means the end of the dreaded zip-up struggle!

  2. @Skinny Loving - woop woop for new boots! Looking forward to getting a glimpse of them on your blog

  3. Where did you guys get your boots?? I have the same problem and it drives me nuts, I want boots, I really really do!