Monday, March 12, 2012

Things I Love Today

Pretty Pastels - Now that we're in the throes of SpringSummer fashion, I have finally embraced the pastel trend that is sweeping across the nation. This weekend my mum treated me to a gorgeous new outfit on the basis that it couldn't have any black or grey in it. So sitting in my room... just waiting to be worn is an amazing pair of peach skinny jeans, a cream cami and a dark cream open knit slouchy jumper. Are you the type of person who has to wear a new outfit right away or do you like to hold on to it for the perfect occasion to debut? I love holding onto my new duds for just the right occasion.


Text Buddies - Having someone who answers your texts. It's a great feeling. I love those day long conversations that you can only have via text messages. I text... an hour later you reply... you ask a question... I send an answer... I text when I get a coffee... you reply over dinner... no rush... no panic... just conversation.

Men in Hats - Now not just any hats... this doesn't apply to baseball caps or beanies - unless it's a gorgeous slouchy grey beanie. Lately I've been noticing more than a few guys around our fair campus looking very debonair in an array of hats. Fedoras, stingy brims, panamas, you name it. I love how they finish off a mans look. I say bring back the hat for SpringSummer2012.

Honourable Mentions - MAN CANS, gold glitter manicures, raising my BodyPump weights twice in one week, side ponytails, THIS manicure - so simple I think that even I could do it,watch THIS then read THIS and then form your own opinion about Joseph Kony, floral underwear sets, coconut mochas, yoghurt covered banana chips - my new favourite snack, the thoughts of strawberries coming into season


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  2. @Dawn - You are more than welcome my dear. Your post was spot on about the whole issue of not getting swept up in the media storm surrounding Kony right now.

    @Dina - Thanks so much. I'm really glad you're enjoying it :)

  3. no strawberries make you itch!!!

  4. @Sonya - that's why I'm only 'thinking' about them :P

  5. nothing says spring like a pretty pastel x