Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Announcement - Please Help


Friends of Mr T and I got engaged over the weekend. It really was about time! They are so much in love it is almost sickening! But we are so delighted for them and can't wait for the wedding. I can't put up their names just yet because they haven't told their parents and just want to bask in the joy of their engagement without anyone asking if they have set a date.

They are throwing an engagement party in a few weeks time and I am a little stumped as to what we can get them as an engagement present.

I'll fill you in a little;

  • Mr T, has, and still is sharing a house with both members of the couple.
  • Mr T went to college with the new Mr.
  • We have holiday-ed with the couple.
  • The new Mr and Mr T wrote a book together.
  • The couple have recently returned from a 9 month round the world trip.
  • The couple are very into outdoor sports and activities.
  • The couple are the most non-traditional couple I know - she wanted an engagement surfboard!
  • The couple are Gaelgoirs - fluent Irish speakers.

We know them pretty well and would like to get them something really special... but I'm still a student and really broke most of the time.

I was wondering if it would be nice to get them an engagement photo shoot on the beach. It's not really a big thing to do here in Ireland, definitely not as much as in the States, but I think the idea is really cute.

Have you any thoughts, ideas, hints or tips???



  1. Congratulations to them! The fact that you say they are both gaelige speakers makes me think of maybe a poem in beautiful calligraphy (in Irish) that they can keep. Have a look at http://www.wedding-calligrapher.com

    But an engagement photo shoot on the beach would also be lovely, if you can get the rain to stay away long enough!

  2. I think that'd be a great present. Aoife and I got some engagement photos taken just yesterday and it was great craic. Would never have thought of it but I got a voucher for it with the ring! Ours were indoor as that's what the photographer did, but I really like the out door ones.