Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I was watching re-runs of Sex and the City a few nights ago and it was the episode where Aidan had moved into Carries apartment. Carrie was at the coffee shop with the girls complaining that now she couldn't indulge in the little things that she loved that she would never let anyone else see her doing... like eating buttered crackers while standing in the kitchen.

When it comes to guilty pleasures mine are a little more embarrassing than that.

  • Walking around the house in short shorts and knee high socks thinking that I am the queen of the roller derby (I don't skate by the way).

  • Asking my housemate to not throw out the dusty, crushed cereal at the bottom of their cereal bag and saving them all up until I have a bowl full of cereal mush.

  • Eating the most comforting of all meals when I'm all sad and lonely - tinned spaghetti hoops and a jar of drained baby carrots, all heated together and eaten from a bowl with a spoon.

  • Getting into the car and cranking up the stereo to sing along with Taylor Momsen and Ke$hia, complete with disdainful stares and glares at all the cars around me.

  • Refusing to put on a pair of pyjamas in winter time but still complaining of being too cold to sleep until I put on a hoodie and pair of socks.

  • Putting on completely over the top eye makeup and getting straight into the shower and washing it off.  

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Don't leave me hanging all alone out on this limb of honesty...


  1. My guiltiest pleasure is cleaning my apt in boxers and a tank while singing & dancing to R&B & hiphop music from the 90s. With & without the bf looking on in mild amusement and disbelief--usually because the boxers are his. ;)

  2. The only thing I don't understand is the make-up shower one...that baffles me a little.

    You know you are living with the right person when you can still do all those things. You shouldn't ever have to censor yourself for your partner.

    I know John was for me when I plugged both my nostrils with tissue and left them there without apoplogising for it. (I suffer from allergies and sometimes this is the only solution)

  3. 80s music with the boot down and the traction control off.

  4. @Sam - I can just picture his face, priceless

    @nicedaydesigns - you're dead right. if he things that your guilty pleasures are cute and quirky then he's a keeper.

    @anon - that's not even a guilty pleasure for you, you do that when people are around :P

  5. Ha myself and The Roomie were talking about how SATC is absolutely one of our guilty pleasures!!!

  6. a silly comfort food from my guilty pleasures is a bologna, onion and ketchup sandwich...sort of gross sounding right now but would have been perfect yesterday.