Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Thesis Tea Time - Since I'm at the write up stage of my thesis I am pretty much chained to my laptop and desk, and good, creative academic writing really can't happen without a full cup of coffee beside me. The only way to keep a constant supply ready is to make my coffee in a travel mug. Otherwise it just gets freezing cold by the time I remember to drink it. Doesn't stop me lusting after some new coffee and tea mugs though. I went trawling over at Etsy earlier and fell in love with this, this and this.

Fork Fancy - On my last day of house sitting this week (I've been minding S&C's house while they were on honeymoon) I decided that a treat of coffee and cake was in order to commemorate the last day in Cashel. Away I went to the local cafe and bakery. Bought my coffee and slice of hazlenut tart and sat down beside the window with Raymy to people watch for a little while, and as I enjoyed my slice of tart I realised that it wouldn't have tasted as good if I ate it with a spoon. Some things just taste better when eaten with a fork... cheesecake, cupcakes, ice cream, pie, all better from a fork. Do you think so too?

Mix It Up - I was watching No Strings Attached one evening this week and I nearly died laughing when Ashton Kutchers character gave Emma a period mix CD as a gift. Featuring songs like 'Sunday bloody Sunday', 'I've got the world on a string', 'bleeding love', 'red, red wine'... you get the gist here. So I started thinking about mix CDs... and how much meaning we put into them when they are being created. Have you ever made a mix tape or CD? Who for? Why?
Honourable Mentions - fresh, new raspberry coloured notebooks, apple bonbons, nude nail polish, oversized aprons while working in the kitchen, roast chicken dinners, hot chocolate on a stick, otter pops, friends who pop over for a visit with chocolate and magazines under their arm, this skirt from River Island, coke from a can - not a bottle, Cirque du Soleil souvenirs, daydreams of visiting all of the major American cities, penguin skittles


  1. Uh oh, now I really want watermelon!
    Hmmm perhaps I should eat it with a fork ;)

  2. @L,S&S - go for it, I promise that it will taste nicer :)