Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Help - I love that I have the kind of friends that when a cry for help is sent out they reply. I'm part of a pretty big project over the next few weeks that I really shouldn't have taken on and the support that everyone is giving is overwhelming to say the least. Thanks guys, I heart you all.

Comfort - When times get a little tough for me I always retreat to all things comfort related. My cozy slipper socks, lots of body lotion and curling up in bed. Steaming mugs of tea and long chats on the phone with people I love. My favourite worn jumper and a huge scarf. Everything and anything soft and warm and snuggly. The only thing I was missing was lots of hugs and cuddles to make my comfort-athon complete.

Honourable Mentions - red tunnel scarves (on my must find list for autumn), the bounce of a fresh blow dry, sunny afternoons with my shades on, fresh linen on my bed, wearing orange, the Benetton sales (pity I can't afford to bring any of the treasures home though), long sleeves and short shorts, my beautiful new turquoise day clutch, wanting these wedges and these shoes from ASOS, coffee and a book while still in bed, sorely missed friends on semi surprise visits, Very Berry Barry's tea, hugging a hot water bottle on a cold night, this beautiful bracelet, new cartoon themed panties

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