Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - ish

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Weddings - One of my guy friends from college is getting married next month and I can't wait to go. His is one of the first weddings of all my college friends and I have a feeling that it will cause a landslide of engagements. Oh and my dress for it is FANTASTIC!

Heart Shaped Truffles - Mr T surprised me by leaving a Butlers truffle on my pillow the last time I saw him. What a sweetie!

Overusing Exclamation Marks - They're such an easy way to feel excited about everything.

My Cash Cow - Raymy bought me a silver money cow for Christmas which I keep on my desk at college and pour all my crap change into every few days. It's starting to get heavy, so guys next week... coffee is on me!

What keeps you cheery today?

I am so crap... I forgot to set this post to publish yesterday so here it is today instead.

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  1. Can I substitute that coffee for hot chocolate?