Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

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White Furniture - I am completely in love with the sofa that Jennifer Ramos reupholstered over at madebygirl.

Galway - I get to go visit Mr T for the weekend. I hope to spend it walking along the strand in Salthill, sharing a piece of cake in a nook in Sonny's and curling up in bed with a good dvd.

Noodles - Steaming hot, slightly spicy, completely delicious.

Going To The Ball - A big dress, pretty shoes, lots and lots of black and white photos and a great night.

What loves fill you today?


  1. I have dreams of having a white sofa. But then I have a nightmare whereby my lovely white sofa has a bit fat chocolate hand print right in the middle.

  2. lol, in my nightmare it's a muddy paw print.

  3. felt