Monday, March 9, 2009


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I spotted a link over at Bonzie for a new online magazine 'VivaLaModa'. Bonzie is one of this issues 'Designer Spotlights' and her beautiful designs also grace the cover of the magazine.

A quick run down about VivaLaModa

VivaLaModa is a bi-monthly magazine created to show the greatest and coolest fashionable and hand made things that we can find. But we don’t want to talk only about fashion or beautiful stuff we find. This magazine will also host articles about green products, toys, decoration, product reviews and many more things.
We want to support indie designers and crafters who make things with their own hands (not to forget we also love vintage!), and give readers information about the handmade world.

This magazine is made with love, patience and a good eye for great products. And for that I have to thank all the fantastic collaborators. You can find them on the last pages of the magazine and in the collaborators section.
The rest of work: putting everything together, editing all the magazine, designing the look and some articles, is up to me, Ainhoa, the editor!

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  1. Ciarann/Cliff(nickname)June 28, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    Awwww....Pon and Zi are ADORABLE.