Monday, April 6, 2009


Wow, what a weekend.

Saturday was spent at full steam. The ISAA League Finals were being held in UL and Quidam was being played in the O2 in Dublin and I was supposed to be at both... at the same time.

Since the tickets for Cirque were bought last Autumn the show won in the end but we did call into the Finals in the morning before we drove to Dublin, just to see how everyone was getting on.

We got a little lost in Dublin but with a little help from the sat nav we were back on track and made it to the O2 with plenty of time to spare. We had amazing seats, see the pic below for a view from my seat, and the show was spectacular.

The whole show was great but I really loved the clown, he was fantastic.

Have you ever seen Cirque? What show did you see? Did you like it?

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