Friday, April 24, 2009


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I'm not feeling very well for the last few days and I think a nasty cold is going to floor me for the weekend.

My plan for the weekend was to go to see Mr T in Galway and spend the weekend on a windswept beach, roam around the city markets for something nice, enjoy tea and cake in a cozy nook in Sonny's, etc...

The new plan is to go back home after work today and curl up in bed for the weekend with lots of cough medicine, juice and water and lots and lots of movies from the 80's and 90's. All of the films above were part of my childhood/teenage years and as far as I can remember they were great!

What films do you remember from your teenage years - Edward Scissorhands - Heathers - The Princess Bride - Clueless - The Wedding Singer - Mallrats - Cruel Intentions - Chasing Amy - Mystery Men - Reality Bites - 10 Things I Hate About You - Romeo & Juliet - Go?

Now I'm not looking for great movies, works of cinematic genius, just the fun, easy to watch movies of your teens.


  1. I feel bad going home for the weekend and leaving you all sick in the house.
    Make sure you eat lots and keep the fluids up. And remember, blow one nostril at a time and gently or else all the goo will end up in your sinus's and you'll feel worse.

  2. Ugh sickness, hope you're feeling better by now that it's monday morning. Great list of films especially Reality Bites-which weirdly I don't own on dvd I must hunt it down.