Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

This is my first guest poster - Sonya asked if she could submit the things that she loves as this weeks TILT. Be nice to her and she might come back again.

Saturday Mornings - Lying in bed on a Saturday morning listening to my beloved's heart beating. Its such a treat as we spend most of the week apart. Oh how I love that sound, its worth waking up early on a Saturday morning just to hear it say my name. Its also nice to watch him sleep, then I can really stare at his face, I don't get to see it enough during the week so I catch up while he sleeps.

Friday Evenings -
On the way home, when trying to choose what takeout we'll treat ourselves too. The fun of making up silly reasons why it shouldn't be me who chooses, he'll have just as silly as reason as to why he shouldn't choose. The banter generally hurts my face with the smileys it gives me. I suppose what I really love on Fridays is being able to be silly with someone I love.

Perfect Fitting Hugs Any Day Of The Week -
I love how well we fit when we hug. I fit in just at his shoulder and his chin is just on my head, it makes for good hugging cos I'm not being squished by my beloved, but he can still hold tight. I can hear his heart here too, bonus! I can hold on but still let go in these hugs

There seems to be a theme here...........

What keeps you all loved and happy this week?


  1. Cheese!

    A quiet library

    Pretty pictures from last weekend...

    and colourful socks!

  2. That was a cheestastic post, made of cheese and fluff :P

  3. Don't be so mean you guys. The post may be a little on the loved-up side but at least she's being honest.

    We need more loved-up people in this world.