Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Last weeks guest TiLTer was Dawn, this weeks is courtesy of Fredrick, and he decided to post an anti-TiLT (please read it in fun).

Saturday Mornings – Lying in bed on a Saturday morning listening to my woman’s heart. Why is it so loud? She knows it wakes me up when it's this loud. I hate the sound of it, it keeps waking me up early on my Saturdays, MY SATURDAYS! Maybe I should kill her, she’s asleep now, don’t have much to do but watch her and wait.... bide my time.....

Friday Evenings – On the way home, when trying to choose what food to make or get me, the woman has the cheek to argue, she keeps coming up with reasons why we can’t eat pizza.

Perfect Fitting Hands Any Day Of The Week – It’s great how perfectly her neck fits into my hands. They don’t quite go all the way around but almost, more than enough to affect the windpipe and all the joy that doing so ensures. The only problem is that I can feel hear heartbeat, but if I squeeze for long enough it goes away... forever MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

This has been a blatant anti-TiLT

I thank you for your bemused readings this day.

Magatha May does not condone any type of violence towards women, this post has been sent in jest of Sonya's post two weeks ago by a dear friend of Sonya and myself. My apologies if it upsets anyone reading it.

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