Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cage Belts

Does anyone know where I can find a cut out or cage belt in a large size that will stay closed?

I know some of the ones above have a traditional belt closure but every one in the shops that I find seem to have a popper closure the back and I know that every time I sit down that it will pop wide open.

I am a new convert to day dresses but with a curvy girls boobs and butt I need to pull every thing in the waist and I really love the look of a cage belt - lots of definition but not too bulky looking.

Have you tried a cage belt? How do they fit? Do they only work with dresses?


  1. Well to answer you questions i say
    Yes, WONDERFULLY, NO! i think i need say no more

  2. I do love the look of cage belts and they can work so well over dresses (day & night), shirts, knits & cardis.

    Also, they add this delightful touch of rock chick to your outfit... and you'll look fantastic in one!

    I'll keep my eyes open for you in the next few weeks and let you know!

  3. Thanks hon, and thanks prof for your input ;)