Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

High Heels - I love the fact that I have managed to wear heels every day this week without my feet suffering. Yea!


Wearing Sunglasses Indoors - In January. I got many, many funny looks today already for wearing them but when a migrane is threatening drastic actions are sometimes needed. I am wearing them with a bright floral top and a sunny yellow cardi to keep the summer theme throughout my whole outfit.

30 Seconds To Mars - Isn't Jared Leto pretty? He's definitely prettier than me, but I'll let him away with that for now just because I love his music so much.

Honorable Mentions - My new pink stapler that makes me smile every time I look down at my desk and see it. Wearing big, dangly earrings that I can feel swishing when I walk. When a training session goes well and you fix all the probelms that you had last week.


  1. Jared Leto looks a bit like Alan did when Dawn dressed him up as an emo!

  2. Well done on the heels, I think they are a thing of beauty but I can't walk in them...I'm crap!
    He is a bit yummy alright! I met him years and years ago when I was walking down grafton street, myself and my sister stopped and talked to him for about 5 mins. Bit of a prat really now that I think of it....but I assume being famous forces you to be. Talking to giggling teenagers is really not that fun. It was around 'My So Called Life' days.

  3. oh my god - you met Jared Leto, I'm so jealous.