Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday


Girls Coming Back - Thumbelina is finally back in Limerick after her Christmas holidays (she's been gone since the middle of December) and Laura is finally home from France (I haven't seen her in a whole year), along with Sonya and Raymy all my Limerick gals are back in my life. I am thinking of having a huge girlie sleepover sometime soon.

Being Secretly Mean - And by 'mean', I mean that we were just being a little critical of silly fashion. But seriously - who could possible think that its ok to go out in a very tight jumper and a pair of lacy tights and think that it's an outfit? One of the guys at our table in the cafe even commented that the girls jumper was so short that if she sits down somewhere unsavory she could actually catch something from a seat. Our whole table agreed.


Team Spirit - At the 2 day competition last weekend, between 12 of us, we brought home 16 medals, the National Barebow Plate and a new National Champion. Everyone is still so fired up from the whole weekend that all they want to do right now is more and more shooting. I don't ever remember a group of archers ever being this enthuastic before - and their enthuasiam is so unbelievably contagious. Yea!

Honourable Mentions - Its 18 months, to the day, until Sonya and Colins wedding, Laura going up a cup size while she's been away and having no problem at all anouncing it to the whole table at lunch, finding pretty printed dresses in the sales, wearing my hair curly, hot chocolate on a stick

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