Sunday, January 31, 2010

Special Sundays


I hope you are all having a special Sunday night - mine is filled with hot chocolate, sparkly nail polish and Season 1 of Glee. I need some sweetness in my day to make up for the fact that I gouged out a section of my index finger earlier.


  1. yup. I had a special sunday, spent all day in bed watching dollhouse and private practice :) and eating the ice cream that Fredrick left for me before heading off on his road trip. And he left me the newest episode of house which i am going to watch next :D

  2. No hangover from Sat night X
    A grand walk in Doneraile Park X
    Meeting my nieces and nephews X
    United winning X
    Chance to see same victory in 20 mins X
    Lovely weather X
    Getting a great recipe for about €5 X
    Beer still left in the fridge X

    All boxes ticked - its a good one alright!