Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Post - My Chica

I have a treat for all my readers today. I have secured myself a guest blogger to add words of wisdom and despair to all things relationship like. Please be gentle, this is her first post. Please welcome My Chica to Magatha May. 

We were at a party and I barely noticed him, cause I noticed someone else. So... I was chatting to him at some stage during the night and thought he was pretty funny, but when we left the house I didn’t think much more about it. Magatha pointed out to me that a photo of me from the party was ‘liked’ on FB and I was, of course, very flattered. So I did a little FB stalking to see what this guy was up to. Chatted a little, flirted a little, reckoned that a little text flirting was in order so I gave him my number.
And now I’m glued to my damn phone. WTF! How the hell did this happen? When did I turn into this person? I openly scorn people like this. 

So... I like to say ‘so’ a lot, it gives me time to think... We met for coffee, I thought he was nice, I liked him, he’s a pretty funny guy but I wasn’t at all obsessed. But then the text flirting happened and I kind of liked that, a lot. I thought that this might even go somewhere, somewhere nice. So obviously he stopped texting and has fallen off the face of the world. So obviously I now like him even more than when he was around... cause of the whole chase thing that us young people love to do. It makes a guy all intriguing and all that other mysterious stuff. Except that it doesn’t cause now I’m all stalkerish and bothered and it would be much more intriguing if the guy actually text me back again. I’m sick of inventing excuses for why he didn’t text... lost his phone, got snowed in and has no reception, fed his phone to the dog, you get the idea.
I still don’t like being this kind of person but I can’t help it. I hate being the person who likes a guy and doesn’t want to like him but can’t help it. 

Can you help me? Any ideas?


  1. Keep yourself busy and your phone out of arm's reach. The volume will tell you if you get a get a call or a text, right? ;)

    When I was dating, if a guy did this to me, I would add him to my black list and move on. My black list was a list of numbers that I didn't respond to no matter if they called or texted. No inconsistent guy is worth the hassle because frankly if he's not calling or texting in a reasonable amount of time, he simply is not that into you. (Sorry to be blunt but like you, I openly scorn people like this too...)

  2. ummm, kinda having the same only with my ex, he's leading me on then backing off again... Ive been told the best thing is to just move on!!