Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tagged For Information

I was tagged by The Licentiate to complete an "I love your blog" interview, which means that I get to answer ten questions and pass the burden on to some more lucky bloggers.  

Read on and find out a little more about me.

Why did you create your blog?
I started a Research Masters in UL and was terrified at the thought of writing so I thought that a blog about trivial stuff would be a nice way to dip my toes into the water, so to speak. It started off very sporadic and slowly grew over the years into something I really enjoy putting together. Nowadays it is my refuge away from work and where I go to clear my head for a few minutes.

What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow a lot of types of blogs, I have about 200 in my reader. Mostly fashion and style blogs. I am completely envious of the people who are willing to document their life and style online without much fear for criticism. Someday I hope to be able to post outfit posts but not quite yet. I also like to follow crafty blogs and see how creative some people can be.  

Favourite make-up brand?
I don't really have one. I am not at all loyal when it comes to make up and will swap from product to product depending on what's working for my face. At the moment I'm still using Max Factor mineral make up, Max Factor cream blush and all my mascara is Max Factor so it seems by default to be my favourite brand for now.

Favorite clothing brand?
Again it changes depending on my mood and budget. I will always default to Dunnes for a quick fix. Pennys if I need cheap pick me up. Dorothy Perkins if I feel like something nice. I don't have favourite brand for clothes, I just trust my gut and my wallet to look after me.

Your indispensible make-up product?
I can't live without my Tweezerman tweezers. I can't live without lip balm. I can't live without mascara. I can live without everything else.

Your favourite colour? 
My favourite neutral is grey and my favourite colour will always be red, even though I rarely wear it. I did however treat myself to my first pair of red shoes last week - satin, peep toe stilettos - I feel like an evil temptress in them and can't wait for the first excuse to wear them.

Your perfume?
I have a few perfumes that I like to use. My first was 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden and I will always have a bottle of it in my collection to bring me back to the days of feeling young and grown up all at the same time. I then went to Woman by Hugo Boss and completely fell in love with the fragrance but unfortunately I haven't managed to replace the empty bottle on my dresser yet. My scent at present is Victoria Beckham's Signature For Her and even though it's not my favourite of perfumes I really enjoy wearing it.  

Your favourite film?
Oh I could never pick just one! I love watching movies, collecting movies, listening to soundtracks... I have a top 10 that pretty much stay the same but I could never pick a favourite.
What country would you like to visit and why?
I really want to spend some time in Scotland. But to live not to visit. If it's just for a visit then it's got to be Madagascar. Where else would you ever want to go? 

Write the last question and answer it yourself.   

Hmmm... I rarely ask myself life affirming questions or deeply probing ones either... so...

What inanimate object do you love the most in your life?
It's a toss up between my laptop and my bow. Both give me freedom and escape. My bow lets me work out my frustrations and gives me a sense of belonging to a small and passionate community. My laptop lets me connect to world and helps stem the little pangs of loneliness that sometimes pop up in my life.

Now that you know all that extra info about me I offer the baton to the following bloggers;


  1. Aw thanks for tagging me! I'm honored!

    I'm glad you got yourself some red shoes. I think everyone needs at least one pair!

  2. I understand the connection to a laptop. It's the motherboard to my work, my friendships and leisure.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences and giving us an overview on why and how you ended up creating this blog. Whew! It's always great reading other people's thoughts.

  4. @kelly - red shoes are the ultimate in grown up chic to me

    @diana - it's like a sickness :)

    @pinstripe - and thank you so much for your lovely comment