Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Quick Challenge


I will post an envelope full of lollipops to the first person to name all 26.


  1. May or may not be correct but this was fun! I can't figure out who the O is. I was thinking Olive from Little Miss Sunshine but she has pink pants...

    Z - Steve Zissou
    Y - Yoda
    X – Xi (The Gods Must Be Crazy)
    W - Wayne
    V - Vincent Vega
    U – Uncle Rico
    T - Tony Montana
    S – Sloth (Goonies)
    R - Ron Burgundy
    Q - Q from James Bond
    P - Paulie Bleeker
    O -
    N - Nacho Libre
    M - Margot Tenenbaum
    L - Leeloo
    K – Kevin (Sin City)
    J - John Mcclane
    I - Indiana Jones
    H – Harold (& Maude)
    G - Gandalf
    F - Forrest Gump
    E - Edward Scissorhands
    D - The Dude
    C - Chad Feldheimer (Burn After Reading)
    B - Brodie Bruce
    A - Alex Delarge

  2. Congratulations Sam - you are today's winner. It is indeed Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. :D

    please email your postal address to and lollipops will be on their way to you soon.

  3. Huh. He could have done a better job with Olive. ;)

  4. I couldn't have named all 26, but it's a fantastic alphabet.