Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday


Sweater Dresses - My uniform for the past week has been a sweater dress with a boyfriend cardi thrown over it, tights and flat boots. So soft, so comfortable, so almost like wearing a pair of pyjamas to work and getting away with it.

Honesty -
Sometimes hearing the truth is amazingly refreshing. Sometimes telling the truth is amazingly liberating. Try it and see.


Moody Cow -
The most amazing of all milkshake bars has arrived in Limerick. I started out with a toffee popcorn milkshake last week and it was without a doubt one of the most fantastic things I have ever tasted. They will put anything, and I mean anything into a milkshake. The have more than 150 flavours! Laura got a Wham! bar milkshake and next on my list is a licorice all-sorts shake. You can find them here on FB. You need to go visit them.

Honourable Mentions - getting the all clear from the physio, new archery gear, toffee popcorn milkshakes, wearing capes and clogs and feeling all 70's inspired, almond body butter that leaves me smelling like marzipan, animal shaped silver rings

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