Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Stacks - and stacks of books to read piling up on my bedside table. All just waiting for a lazy, rainy day to be cracked open and devoured. I'm a binge reader - I can go for weeks without reading a book but then I could read a whole book in a day, every day, for a week. I can't wait to get into this, this, this and this. I have little pilesof books scattered throughout every room in every house that I live in. I'm sure I drive my family and housemates crazy but I can rarely bear to part with my books. What books are tickling your brain lately? Any good reads to recommend?  

Obsession - I will be the first to admit that I love, love, love Greys Anatomy. All of it, every season, every character. I'm sad... I admit it. If they brought out a perfume I would buy it. I am that obsessed.

Dinner - One of my wonderful, lovely, amazing housemates has offered to cook dinner for the house tonight and I am deeply thankful to her. I am not the worlds best cook, not from a lack of ability but more from a lack of interest. I would be perfectly happy with a bowl of cereal or some scrambled egg if it was left up to me but Ash has promised us something yum when we get home from the gym tonight. Can't wait!

Honourable Mentions - a cafe who offers a free chocolate with every hot drink (Melt Cafe, if you're wondering), high pony tails and messy buns, realising that there are few things as satisfying as shopping for new lingerie, finding a perfectly beautiful pair of wide leg black trousers reduced from €95 to €10, surprise sugar related presents, losing a dress size from increased exercise and not from dieting, mint hot chocolate, an unexpected round of drinks from a friend at the other end of the bar, short skirts and warm tights, weekends to go home and visit family, when things go right for other people  


  1. reminds me I have two episodes of Greys to watch x

  2. @Blau - I am currently re-watching the entire show. Am half way through season 6 again. It's all good.