Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

I wish...

... for an excuse to wear my longest, most formal dress with a pair of sky high heels and a beautiful facinator in my perfectly dressed hair.


  1. SAME! I miss the formal events we used to have in college so much...I haven't been able to buy a fancy dress in a couple of years!

  2. Great sentiment! I miss dressing up!

  3. I'd really like to wear a classy fascinator...nothing huge, but just a touch of colour! Everyone around here thinks they look ridiculous. :(

  4. very little beats a fascinator x

  5. @hermia - really thinking of heading to a ball this year. I haven't been to one in years.

    @whisty - maybe we should make formal Sundays fashionable, any excuse to dress up.

    @sing-siren-sing - I love when an outfit has a little splash of colour. I say wear a facinator and tell everyone to get over themselves.

    @Blau - the only thing to beat a facinator is... a facinator with netting.