Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awards Season

Thank you Kate for tagging me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. You are such a sweetie, and have incredible painting talents, and such pretty hair too. You can find her work over at Kate's Irrelevant.

And thank you also My Third Cousin for the nomination. I feel kinda special to get two nominations in one day.

Rules Of The Award:
List 10 facts about yourself
Tag 10 other bloggers
Tell them about the award

Ten Little Known Facts About Me:
1. I absolutely adore the licorice allsort sweets with the pink and blue sprinkles on the outside (I think they're called jelly sprogs). 
2. I wear my glasses most of the time but completely hate wearing them - to me it feels like a mild disability to not be able to see.
3. I am terrified of public speaking but hide it behind a room-filling voice and a lot of bravado.
4. I own approximately 15 different blankets and throws, all of which are scattered around the house.
5. I have a scar on my lip from when I was coming down a slide on my tummy as a kid and smacked my face into my brothers knee.
6. I have just one brother and I am the youngest.
7. I really wanted to change my name when I was younger (it's Margaret) but when my mum told me that I was almost called Leanne I decided that I liked Margaret more.
8. I love company in the car with me most of the time but you can rarely beat an empty road and a very loud stereo.
9. I cannot physically fall asleep if my feet are cold.
10.I have never found a nail varnish that did not chip after one day so I have given up wearing nail varnish on my hands, I always have varnish on my toenails though.

Ten Wonderful Bloggers To Pass This On To:
1. Donna from Musically Inclined
2. Hermia from A Chick Named Hermia
5. Carly from Smaggle
6. Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky
7. Lili from Frocks & Frou Frou
8. Ana from Ripped Knees
10.Melissa from ISLY


  1. I was the same until I found 'Maybelline express finish' and then add a layer of top coat, it REALLY works, it last perfectly for about 4 days, but you can get about a week out of it...and it's not like I'm a girlie who doesn't do lots of work with my hands. It's worth paying the extra money.

    Thanks for all the links to new blogs!

  2. Thanks, Magatha! (p.s. you should totally embrace your glasses! Geek chic is totally in!)

  3. @NiceDay - I think I might give that Maybelline a whirl, thanks for the tip.

    @lilli - maybe I just need a new set of frames to get me out of my glasses slump :)

    @Tyner and @Rhona - you are very welcome, your blogs keep me entertained and deserve to be rewarded