Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Thanks - One of the things that really made my week much more cheerful was that a student emailed me to say 'thank you' when I gave him some extra help with a project. It is amazing how many people take stuff for granted - especially in college. So many students expect that you should be available to them at any hour of the day and to answer any question that they may have. Sometimes when I can't help they can get very stroppy with me and I have, on more than one occasion, been told that this is what I'm paid for. Sometimes a little gratitude goes a long way.    

Bunting Brilliance - Pretty streams of coloured fabric just scream summer to me. I get notions of eclectic festivals, garden picnics, midnight cinema showings in the back yard whenever I see them. They seem so whimsical and carefree, fluttering away in a gentle breeze. Do you have bunting hanging in your home or garden? Have you gotten a chance to check out Ruth's beautiful bunting cards yet? 

Bank Holiday Bed Bliss - Every bank holiday weekend I start to have the same thoughts... 'I get to have a lie in' and then I start to imagine what my dream bed for a lie in would be like. I think this bank holiday I would love a beautifully delicate wrought iron bedstead in gunmetal grey, with feather duvets and pillows piled high on top. Maybe a waffle cover on the duvet. Fresh, clean and crisp.

Honourable Mentions - lemon and coconut slices, hot tubs, tutorials being over for the semester (no more prepping classes), 99's, sliding between the sheets of a freshly made bed - with freshly shaved legs, glasses full of ice cubes and limeade, wearing sweatpants just to be comfy, tea cups and matching saucers, late night pizza with the guys, beautiful grey wedges


  1. Love this post!!! Saying "Thanks" is such a simple gesture, but can mean SO much!!! That's a great reminder to us all!!

  2. @Lindsey - it really is so true. Just that bit of gratitude really made me smile for the week.