Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty Boy Friday

This week here at Magatha May we are in love with Danny O' Reilly from The Coronas. Danny at this stage is famously known as Danny Corona and is just a scruffy ball of yum! Oh and did I mention that he is incredibly talented?  

You can check out some of the videos from The Coronas by clicking on the links below. My favourite is 'Heros Or Ghosts'

Did I also mention that The Coronas are single handily bring back a love of the Irish language to the younger generations here in Ireland. Many of their songs have gaeilge versions recorded, and the crowds at gigs sing along and know all the lyrics. It's pretty special to hear hundreds and thousands of people sing something in a dying language from the top of their lungs. Makes me even more proud to be Irish.


  1. Oh yuuuuuummmm! That is some SERIOUS eye candy right there - thanks ;)


  2. @weighting - glad you liked it :)