Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Do Shoe Do?

I have a question for all of my wonderful readers...

...do you want to see a few fashion posts on Magatha May? 

I have been wondering if I should start posting some outfit posts. I'm still very shy in front of a camera, but my feet are not, and I do have an extensive, but not expensive, shoe collection in my possession. With a little persuasion I think I might be able to muster up the courage to post a new pair of shoes every week from my wardrobe. 

What do you think?


  1. How about you just let me hang out with your shoes for a while :o

  2. Yes please! I'm a nosy so and so :)

  3. I'm seeing a definite thumbs up for some shoe posts :)

  4. shoeaholic :) I like it !

  5. Definitely shoes shoes shoes and maybe some full outfits..I'm curious xx

  6. Heyy I saw your comments, not sure if you wanted a sample pack or not but thought i'd let you know that if you do all i need is your address and what name/word you'd like on an example of a painting! If not, sorry for the pointless comment ;)

    Kate. xo.

  7. Yes, yes yes. Shoes and clothes please.

  8. Wow, that is one amazing collection. I have lots of amzing heels that I have been given but I have such small feet ( 2-3) that I cant wear any of them! Do you wear all those heels? Lovely blog- I'm following! Please have a look at my blog and follow me back if u like! Thanks!
    P.s please do some outfit posts!