Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Flavoured Milk - I popped home on Saturday evening and Sunday to my folks to help out with some charity work that they were doing. I was having my usual root around the fridge to see what was in it (does anyone else do that, even though you're not hungry you have to know what's in the fridge?) and I came across a bottle of Hershey's Strawberry Syrup. Instantly I was transported to being a teenager with a huge glass of milk, a generous drizzle of syrup and a bendy straw to stir it all up with - Magatha Made Strawberry Milk. 

Sleepovers - I rarely stayed over at friends houses as a child, may have crashed on more than my fair share of couches and floors in my late teens and early twenties but I have never been at an official 'sleepover'. All this is about to change - 11 pretty ladies are descending on the beautiful town of Skibbereen for the weekend to celebrate the countdown to the end of S's single days. 11 girls, two cottages, pancake breakfasts, hot tubbing, horse riding, console gaming, too many snacks, dressed up dinner and maybe a bottle of wine or two. I can't wait for my first hen weekend.

Simple Sprinkles - Isn't it amazing how a small shake of colourful sugar can enhance and brighten anything? I really love the idea of making fairy bread with some white soda bread that my mum bakes, and those rainbow pancakes above look like one of the best ideas I have seen in ages. What a great way to brighten your morning.

Honourable Mentions - half price brownies from the Farmers Market on campus because they were packing up the stall, free marshmallows from my favourite coffee shop, Signature For Her perfume from Victoria Beckham, maiden braids - you can find a great tutorial HERE, 'eat a yolks' and 'rhubarb and custard' bonbons from Mr Sims Sweetshop, getting back to BodyPump after a little absence, The Coronas - I went to their gig in Limerick on Tuesday night (fantastic), writing with purple ink, nude nail varnish, the concept of SMELLIT, these wedges by See By Chole


  1. I looove flavoured milk. Gonna go have to make me a hot chocolate now. xo.

  2. I hate being lactose intolerant. Damn.

  3. By the way! Thought i'd let you know you've been tagged for a blog award over at Kate's Irrelevant! xo.

  4. Those cupcakes would really hit the spot right now. And strawberry milk is delicious, even if it doesn't taste like strawberries.

  5. @Kate - thanks for the award, you are such a sweetie.

    @Sonya - maybe some flavoured soya milk????

    @Mine - strawberry milk is really the best of all the flavoured milks!