Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Bare Toes - nothing say summer more to me than bare toes and a flash of bright colour.  Whats your go to colour for the summer months? This summer I think I'm going for coral and pale gold tones.

Crazy Complements -  I know that all girls are taught to say 'thank you' when someone pays them a complement. Easier said than done though. How many of us have been told our dress is lovely only to reply with 'this old thing? I got it for €4 in Pennys' or 'really? I always think it makes my ass look fat'. When a guy tells you that you're amazing you look to the ground, blushing, and think 'he obviously doesn't know the real me'. We all have the same issues with accepting, and believing, complements. Recently someone told me some nice things about me... and this time I chose to say thank you and to ask them why they thought that, so that I could learn a little more about how some people see me. Try it next time, let me know how you get on. 

Beautiful Mirrors - You can't but feel gorgeous and pretty as you study your reflection in a fabulously ornate mirror. So spoil yourself and get an amazing mirror for you bedroom, dressing room, bathroom or to look in just before you step out your front door.  

Honourable Mentions - this blanket, stripes, hot water with lemon and honey, strawberry licorice, bow shaped rings and other pretty jewellery, ruched blue dresses and fabulous hair pieces, new shoes, knowing that someone smiles when they get a text from me, this gorgeous dress from Free People, new mugs, sheer cream kimono jackets, I want this right now, pink carnations - thank you very much Carrie Bradshaw, slouchy cardigans - just like this one, knowing that I fit into every pair of jeans in my wardrobe 

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