Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Bubblicious - Oh I love blowing bubbles... it makes me feel like a kid again. Sunny days just call out for a little child-like entertainment in my day. Some bubble blowing while sitting on the lawn, maybe a little kite flying, toss a frisbee about for a while, build a massive sand castle if you can find a beach or a sand pit. Love the feeling of being a kid for a little while! 

Denim Shorts - This is something that everyone and anyone can wear. Smart, casual, trashy, chic, distressed, high waisted, daisy dukes, anything. just like your trusty jeans anything goes. My favourite way to wear them? I always cut my own shorts from much loved jeans that have become too ragged to keep, and pair them with a black vest, slouchy boyfriend cardigan and some wedges. A long necklace or two to break up the boring vest, maybe a loose braid or bun and I'm all set for a cool, casual day.

Americana - Now... I'm not American so this is not a very late patriotic, 4th of July thing. I have been really attracted to strong outfits lately. Bright red and cobalt blues paired together really grab your attention and brim with confidence and the red lips just add an air of womanly sophistication to an otherwise garish look.

Honourable Mentions - honesty - sometimes you are hard to hear but exactly what I need, steaming hot cappuccinos, peach smoothies - so fresh and summery tasting, vintage style underwear, only two weeks today until S&C get hitched, clean cars and loud tunes on the stereo, studded wrap around bracelets layered over your watch, fresh wedges of ripe melon, warm day and even warmer sun showers, the feeling of accomplishment after a particularly good work out 


  1. Bubbles are my favourite thing about summer!

  2. oooh this post is delicious!!

  3. @Kait - I know - they're just so much fun

    @Soooali - thanks hon, loving your blog too