Saturday, February 4, 2012

21 Things

I was staying over with my lady friends around the holiday time and I got to catch up on all the blog posts that had amassed on my Google reader while I was ignoring the internet and getting on with writing up my thesis. I was reading out Sarah Von's list of '15 things that every woman should own' and we got to chatting about whether or not that the list actually applied to 'every' woman or just 'most' women. So we decided to create a more specific list...  

So I give to you the 

'21 Things That An Irish Woman Who Is No Longer A Teenager Should Have' 

  1. A good quality, portable umbrella – this is Ireland after all
  2. An album that you love no matter what – that you never get sick of listening to
  3. Great shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair
  4. The perfect pair of neutral flats that work with everything
  5. YOUR perfume – brings back memories always
  6. A beautiful photo frame that holds a special and memorable photo from your life
  7. A perfect pair of jeans
  8. Your fall back outfit that always works, when you haven’t a clue what to wear
  9. A good quality, reliable sports bra
  10. A teddy to love
  11. Failsafe dessert recipe
  12. A pet, or a very close friend who has a pet that you can borrow
  13. A beautiful set of bed linen
  14. Several sets of gorgeous matching underwear
  15. A sister that you get to choose for yourself - I'm lucky enough to have more than one
  16. A pair of high and fabulously comfortable shoes to dance the night away in
  17. That cute but scruffy t shirt that you'll love forever
  18. Jewellery that has been passed down through the family
  19. A quick fix make up kit that you can apply in under two minutes
  20. That best friend that you can tell anything to
  21. Your favourite mug

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