Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

This week sees the return of Wednesday Wishes. I think this weeks wish is going to be...hmm....

...I wish for a little bit of warm sunshine.

February is fab and all that but spring in Ireland is always a cold event. A little morning sun on my face would be really great right now. I'm not looking for a warm, sunny day at all, just some sun. Chilly, watery spring sunshine.

Do you find that spring is chilly? Are you delighted that winter has finally broken where you are? Or are you still ankle deep in snow?


  1. Magatha-May
    Hello I'm From Gardner Kansas USA
    I love your blog and love design and as well ,Love to redo rooms from the floors up , Would love to have a pen pal if your interested give me a e-mail... have a wonderful husband of 28 yrs ...3 grown children and 7 awesome grand babies , ive always been interested in whats going on in fashion and in home decorations all over the world!
    Thanks and have an awesome day.
    Thanks i know its strange

  2. Sending you sunshine from Australia! I'm happy to take a little of that chill off your hands :)