Tuesday, February 7, 2012

After Eight

The Christmas chocolate season is finally over - I confess that I have only finished my selection box over the weekend. I am such a hoarder. And in hindsight I can say that my favourite holiday sweets are, without a doubt, After Eights. Just yum! 

I have always been a sucker for all things mint chocolatey and After Eights are just the pinnacle of minty, chocolatey, gooey decadence. I love them so much I am starting to be drawn to all things mint and chocolate... even room interiors.

Isn't the combination of fresh and sweet mint green just perfect with the warmth of chocolate brown? Touches of gold give a sense of glamor and  breaking the room up with cream and white stop it becoming too sickly.

Keeping a room airy and light with an abundance of mirrors. Removing the curtains, as long as you have no nosy neighbors, lets in maximum light.  

Texture adding gold accents make a cool coloured room warm and luxurious.  

Let your furniture make an impact by situating it in a simple, paired down room.

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