Sunday, February 19, 2012

Socks In Bed

I was playing catch up on Google reader today and came across this post from A Cup Of Jo all about wearing socks to bed. Now... we all know that wearing socks to bed is a total passion killer and frowned on in most societies, but sometimes, in the depths of winter, when the heating has gone on the blink in the house or it's just one of those nights that you just cannot get warm and really need some sleep, socks are you're only job. Luckily there are a few ways to work around the naffness that is wearing your socks to bed.
  • It's all about proportion. There is no way in hell you can put on a normal pair of sports socks and still look cute. This is the time to bust out those oversize, big and slouchy, hand knitted jobbies that your thoughtful auntie gave you for Christmas. If you have to you can even borrow a clean pair of hiking socks belonging to your man. The bigger the socks the smaller and daintier you will look.
  • This tip is a bit of a 'hit or miss' tip depending on how cold you are feeling. If you are wearing huge, cute bed socks you need to show a little leg. Bed socks can be deeply unsexy... especially when you tuck a pair of fleece pj pants into them. Sex appeal is all about balance. If your cleavage is on show you cover the legs a little, if your dress is backless then you cover your chest. Now I'm all about freedom of self expression through your clothes but some rules remain timeless. If you have your calves swathed in nubby wool then it wouldn't hurt to show a little thigh. Cute shorts, an oversize tee or a sweet little nightshirt all work well here.
  • Embrace cuteness. Silk is seductive, leather is sexy, satin is glamorous... wool is cozy, and cute, and sweet. There is no point in fighting it. Just be cute. Stick your hair into some pigtails or plaits. Start warming some milk for hot chocolate. 

Some nights I cannot sleep because of cold feet. Just cannot. It's one of my many sleeping oddities. So I embrace it. I pull on my fleecy striped purple socks that look a little like these, feeling a little Pippi Longstocking with myself, throw my hair into a messy plait and break out a new book while I wait for my feet to thaw enough for me to fall asleep. Hot water bottles have their time and place... and that time is very rarely when there is a significant other in your bed. Socks, when styled correctly will bridge this moment successfully.

How about you? Do you rock your bed socks? Or do you hate the thoughts of something on your feet while you sleep? Either way I still reckon there is no excuse for a man to wear socks in bed.


  1. I'm a huge fan of big, slouchy, comfy bed socks! They usually come off before I go to sleep though.
    This was a great post. Even though it's like a million degrees here right now, I kinda wanna dig out my bed socks...

  2. @lovers - thanks hon. I really enjoyed writing this one. I've noticed over the years that no matter what type of socks I out on going to bed I always kick them off in my sleep.