Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Went Shopping

I was in town yesterday afternoon and decided to check out the summer sale in New Look.

I found a gorgeous cream flower ring and a dragonfly necklace but look at these sandals - gorgeous and so comfy.

Ring - reduced to 3 euro
Necklace - reduced to 1.25 euro
Sandals - reduced to 12 euro from 34 EURO


  1. I love New Look sandals. I find that some of their shoes are really cheaply made but you can get some amazing quality shoes there for very little money as well.

  2. I was looking at the exact same sandals in New Look at lunchtime today! But they only had a size 4 or a size 9, I was so disappointed.

  3. Well dragonfly necklace looks really nice have no comment on the other stuff really but seams like great value.

  4. Whew! That ring is a fantastic find, kitten!