Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Self Love


Mr T says that I need to learn to love myself more and to be happier in my own skin.

Any suggestions?

I've been reading some great posts over at
Already Pretty and Sal has a way of putting her posts together that has really helped me to see inner beauty. I've taken up swimming lately, not to lose weigh but just for the joy of swimming, and I've started spending more time in the company of good friends.

What else can anyone recommend to keep the self love ball rolling?


  1. I wish there was a magic formula. The biggest thing I've found that seems to help is to figure out what exactly is making you less than gushing about yourself. Once you have a problem to attack, it gets easier to figure out how to fix it. Of course, it's not always that easy. Best of luck, my dear. It's a road we all go down, but not exactly a favorite one.

  2. I like the picture on the post. Maybe sit in front of mirror and tell yourself good things. Like " I AM amazing!" "I'm one hell of a great person!" "I'm a fantastic friend" "I'm a wonderful daughter" "I rock a red tankini in the pool" and look yourself in the eye and mean it.

  3. Well to love oneself full is not a easy task at all. For anyone that does not knows me im a guy im average height and avaerage weight and sometime i feel far below average in looks. The world can be a very hard cold and cruel place and not matter how old you get and how tough you may think you skin is it never quite tough enough. Someone once say how can you accept anyone to love you if you cant even love yourself and i fell this is very true. To self love you got to take care of yourself fell good about you how you look in the mirror. Tell yourself that your great that your worth it that you deserve what ever you want that job that house that girl/boy. I have just got a point where im ok with me after 26 long years. I think we dont need to reinvent ourselfs but just imporve bit by bit refresh up are self new look new hair some new clothes.Go get a makeover to bring out the best that you allready know you had in you and feel good about it. As the army say be all that you can be.Shine as bright as a super nova.You cant apperacte the light till you walked in the dark. So good luck and god bless.

  4. Hohum...

    My main thing is to not hang out with people who bring you down, people who leave you feeling worn-out, bitter and used, people who have a one-sided relationship with you. Once I learned that, my life got so much better.

    The other thing is to ignore the niggling nagging voice in your head. Give it a name so you can seperate it from your normal thoughts. I call mine Bob. Bob liked to say things during crunch time of semesters and FYP deadlines like "this essay/ chapter/ paper is crap and you'll lose your 1.1 and you won't get to be a researcher"... to Bob, I reply "Please f*ck off" and list the number of reasons why he is wrong. So next time, you start to think bad things, retort with the good things. Keep the wonderful things about Maggie in mind at all times, reflect occasionally on the problematic bits and then remember that you are human like the rest of us flawed people.

    Don't be too harsh on yourself should you fail at anything but always give everything your best.

    Remember that it's not about appearance or grades (tell me that next semester) or boyfriends or the amount of money in your bank account, it's about being at peace with yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people, be it the celebrities on the front cover of Vogue or the chick in the office down the corridor.

    Eat cheese and be happy!

  5. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. You are all so wonderful to take the time to pass on your advice. And I hope each of you heed it too.

    hugs to each of you