Friday, July 10, 2009

Imelda May


I know that my previous post was about Imelda May but she is such a great lady. Her style is so cool and retro. She makes me want to wear high waisted skirts and little cardigans. She makes me want to streak my hair with a wildly different colour. She makes me want to dress like a lady who snuck out for a night on the town. She makes me want to wear eyeliner and lipstick and fake eyelashes. She makes me want to watch The Commitments. She is cool and beautiful and talented and Irish.

She is my girl crush.


  1. She is absolutely fantastically awesome!!! She makes me want to crack out my bright red lipstick!

  2. Hi there,

    If you're a fan of Imelda May, you should check out this short video about her:


  3. Totally agreeshes amazing..was gitted at electric picnic that the tent was so full tho..with my height i couldnt see herat all:(