Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday


Cookie Jars - I picked up a gorgeous mason jar for keeping communal cookies in for our lovely, new, homely house. It is filled with penguin bars, mini kitkats and chocolate chip cookies. Yum yum.

New Books - The bible of Persona Design has finally come into the University library. Let the learning commence. It's brand new, the spine isn't even cracked yet. It has that new book smell too. My masters might be possible now.

Fish - Sonya has dependents now. One big goldfish called Paul, and three little fish called Ronan, Stringer and Warrick. The names are from the Munster Rugby Team, an Irish, and Limerick, institution.

What puts a smile on your face today?


  1. i love the idea of a cookie jar, but i would finish everything in one fell swoop!