Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Fashion Classic #2

Three words... 

... black leather jacket

Everyone (and their mother) really should have this classic staple in their wardrobe. Toughen up a sweet and girlie outfit - check! Cover up a little on a chilly evening - check! Add some texture to an all black ensemble - check! Look like a rock star - check!

The off duty model wears it, the yummy mummy wears it, the rock chick wears it, everybody wears it... so if everybody is wearing it why should you? You're possibly thinking to yourself 'I'm not a sheep, I don't follow trends' but this is no trend. The black leather jacket has stood the test of time, from James Dean to Agyness Dean, and it is still going strong.

I will hold my hand up and admit that I am a late comer to the BLJ, mostly because I wouldn't buy a cheap one and I couldn't afford an expensive one, but I got lucky in this years January sales and snapped up the jacket below. If  you can just imagine this 'Jennifer' leather jacket in black you are onto a winner. I nabbed it from the most unlikely of places, Monsoon, and even though it was almost half off I nearly fainted at the price.

So, are you a BLJ girl or do you prefer a different classic cover up? Let me know.


  1. They really are everywhere at the moment. The tan, aviator type are pretty popular too.

    I sometimes think I'd like one but I can't really see it being a wardrobe staple for me. Probably more of a fad.

  2. It's definitely a staple for me, and I'm planning on investing in a vintage BLJ this Autumn :)

  3. I would be lost without mine..a Ramones style Topshop number

  4. I bought a BLJ from All Saints last year and could not live without it!!!

  5. @lovers - my thoughts were exactly the same until I bought one, now I just wouldn't be without it.

    @Fiona - ohhh, vintage. So so soft and beautifully worn in.

    @Blau - gotta love the classics

    @Sarah - it really does become an indispensable part of your wardrobe alright

  6. Gorgeous! I just love that pile of necklaces + the feminine dress + leather jacket!

  7. There is nothing like the cute feminine white lacy frilly dress with a BLJ over it. the contrast is beautiful!