Monday, May 2, 2011

Ten Secrets

My middle name is Mary

I used to climb into the attic as a child to hide

I'm terrified of public speaking

I've started referring to teenagers as 'young people' and it makes me feel very old

I can still hear that high pitched frequency that shops use to deter 'young people'

Dirty fingernails totally freak me out

I have a birthmark on my face that most people can't see

I have never stayed overnight in hospital
The only blue I like is cobalt blue

Sometimes I rather tea over coffee


  1. Public speaking scares me as well, I feel very stupid and people probably think I am very stupid!!!I get too nervous..

  2. I've had enough of your blueist remarks. All blues are beautiful. So preeetty. What about sky and baby, periwinkle and navy. oOO that rhymes! Go me.

    Great post though. I've totally stolen it.

  3. Also can you hear those rat and mouse plug in the wall, high pitched noise things? No? Oh yeah, eh, me neither....

  4. That last one isn't a secret!

    I call shenanigans