Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Health - If you don't have it then you don't have anything. Early this week saw my mum take a bad turn and I had to rush home for a few days It's slow going but she is getting back on her feet and is starting to look a little more like herself. Those few days really showed me how tough my mum really is and how much love and respect I have for her. This week's post is dedicated to her.

Spring Fashion - This year, for me, it's going to be all about; loose maxi skirts, grey cardigans, brightly coloured wrist purses, nude pumps, tan platforms and navy wedges, skirts as dresses and pale coloured, v necked sweaters worn back to front with a messy ponytail trailing down my spine, hooped earrings and ultra long pendants, a beautiful blue straw trilby that I've been saving up for a perfect occasion to wear, mismatched but coordinating underwear and a flick of plum coloured eyeliner.

Home Baking - This week I have managed to bake; brown soda bread, fresh fruit flan, eclairs, rhubarb tart, cupcakes with mocha Baileys frosting, apple tart, pavlova, welsh cheesecakes - with both jam and apple fillings, fruit soda bread. I almost feel domestic. You can see a close up of my cupcakes here!

Honourable Mentions - cuddling with my parents dog, re-reading a favourite novel that I found in the bottom of a press (The Magic Flute), sudden rainstorms and brightly coloured umbrellas,  coming home to find the house spotless and shining (thanks to my two girlies xx), maxi skirts and white vests, hotdogs, coral varnish on my toes this week - so summery when I look down, getting to watch Heroes for the first time, Mocha Baileys frosting, 


  1. Sudden rainstorms interspersed with bright sunlight are the best. It's especially good when there are many green trees around, making everything around them bright and shiny green!

  2. @minearebetter - we've been having really short lived rainstorms here all day and sitting inside and listening to them is such a great way to spend a quiet afternoon