Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Pin It - I was recently invited to join Pinterest and it is incredibly addictive. It is a really great platform to show off all of the images that inspire you. It is a simple to use, virtual pinboard that allows you to add a 'pin it' button to your browsers toolbar and lets you pin any image from any site that inspires you. You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the button on the right - I'd love you see some of your inspiration too.

Cons Man - As much as I love, love, love my heels lately I've been wearing my trainers more frequently. Maybe it's because of all the rain, maybe it's because I'm walking all over campus most days, maybe it's because they're just so darn comfortable and easy to wear.  How about you? Do you wear your chucks much?

Nuttiness -  Did you know that in a packet of muesli full of seeds, nuts and cereal, Brazil nuts always end up on top if you shake the packet? It's amazing what you can learn from the internet... But really, lately I've been adding more nuts and seeds to my daily meals and they are a great way to stay full for longer and they help to curb my need for chocolate. Right now I'm loving cashew butter with apple and ryvita, and plenty of brazil nuts chopped with some yoghurt. 

Honourable Mentions - cashew butter, pink driving licenses, impromptu road trips to The People's Republic (that's Cork City for all my non-Irish readers), miniature fluffy yellow chickens hidden in pockets of my car since our Hen Weekend, slinky black jumpsuits, the satisfaction of completing a hard days work, lunch at Wagamamas, Percy Pig sweeties from M&S, bumblebee pendants, sleeping nude on a warm night


  1. I love pinterest! I had to take a break from it b/c of its addictiveness lol

    Hope you enjoy

  2. Pinterest is like my crack.

  3. Ooh I'm definitely going to check that site out. Maybe I should wait until I finish work for the day though...

    I wore my Chucks on the weekend. I want to wear them more but I wore them to an impromptu midnight park BBQ a few months back and one shoe is COVERED in candle wax. It's kinda a little icky so until I get that sorted they're just hanging out in the closet.

  4. @sarah - I love your nail art board, makes me smile every time you pin.

    @lovers - I highly recommend it :) oh wax is such a nightmare to remove. so much heating and soaking out wax, hope they turn out ok for ya