Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Wind - Now I know that a lot of people, especially fashion bloggers, are not very fond of really windy days (all that blowing about makes it pretty hard to get good outfit shots). But to me there is no bigger delight than listening to the wind howl around the house while I'm curled up inside, working. Even when I have to head out to college I love taking my hair down out of it's ponytail and letting it blow about in the wind, feeling all wild and free.

Freckle-itious - If Beyonce can have her own word then I think it's only right that there is a word put out there to describe how gorgeous people look with freckles. Our fleeting moment with some sun a few weeks back has seen a surge in the reappearance of freckles on our Irish skin. My freckles almost completely disappear every winter and reappear with a vengeance once I go back out into the sun, and my freckles aren't just a cute smattering across my nose. Oh no, I am decorated with a sweep of freckles all down the left side of my face and across my left shoulder. There is nothing symmetrical about me. 

Honourable Mentions - when my dad calls over just to say hi and to see if he can help me move out some of my stuff early (it's an hour drive - love you dad), an ice cold can of 7up straight out of the fridge, re-reading my wish book, throwing out stuff that has no meaning to me anymore, lemon curd milkshakes, finally hand washing my studded green jumper and getting to wear it again, receiving wedding invitations in the post (complete with wedding stamps), reading 'The Girl Who played With Fire' and loving it, King of Skin from Lush - my skin feels amazing

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  1. Yay for freckle appreciation! I'm a red head so you know I'm covered in 'em. People take great delight in the fact that I have condensed spatterings of them on my knees and elbows. I can't quite figure it out but I like 'em all the same :)