Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Don't Lie

See... I wasn't exaggerating yesterday when I posted that I would have no life for a while. This is what I've been looking at all day.

Thank god for the bag of Wilde Irish Chocolate buttons (organic and fairtrade) that Craig gave me a little while ago. 

Think I might go make a fresh cup of coffee and get back to it....


  1. . . . "a little while ago"??? XD Really? I honestly had to think for 15 mins to try and remember when I gave you those. You must have more restraint than I could ever hope for.
    Hope life gets better soon. C ye all when I get back.
    I'm going to go buy a metric f*ckton of chocolate now.

  2. @tynermeister - ahem... it may have been in December (hangs head in shame)(I still have an unopened Easter egg too)

  3. @danniekate - I know, but thankfully I finished one set of exams this afternoon, two sets left to go.

  4. Booourns

    I will bring more chocolate :P

  5. Chocolate makes everything better!

    It's true you's science ;)

  6. @fredrick - :)

    @Lovers - I love science :P