Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alive On The Inside

Even though Valentines day is long gone I can't stop thinking about this AMAZING heart cake.

You can find a great tutorial here... and if I was any good I'd attempt to recreate it but alas I am all talk and no action when it comes to such endeavors.

Can someone else make it and I'll just have a slice please.


  1. okay, well, that makes two of us whose dreams will be haunted by this beautiful thing. whatEVER! how can people figure stuff like this out? it's all i can do to get a 9x13 box cake out of the oven before it burns, and even then i'm about 50/50. my husb is one lucky dude.

  2. @brittney - I know, I'm the same. I can just about bake a sponge cake. Really must learn to bake properly