Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beaches Is More Than A Movie

At one stage, when Mr T. and I still dated, he lived beside the sea on the west coast. Even though it was the middle of nowhere, with no phone reception and no broadband and very few TV channels I loved to visit and walk the beaches all day long.

I miss the beach, I miss sand under my feet, I miss the smell, I miss the sounds of the ocean crashing off the rocks, I miss the feeling of being insignificant.

I think a little spin to the coast may be in order soon. A chance to roll up my jeans and get my toes wet, to bring back a little of the seaside in the sand in my car, to get some of that gorgeous sea breeze in my hair. Some days I really lament the fact that I grew up in a land locked county and that I live in a county on the coast now with little or no beaches. 

Is there anywhere that you feel at peace? Where do you feel completely at home?


  1. oh I wish it was summertime

  2. @Blau - just a few more weeks and we'll have some proper bare legs weather :)