Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes You Love What You Hate

Today has been a very trying day. One of those 'everything that can go wrong has gone wrong' days and right now I don't love my car as much as I should (this is a blatant lie by the way... I really do love my car a lot, but I am a little mad at it right now) so I have come up with a thank you list to my car to remind me how much I owe it.

Dear Dave, 

Thank you for... me the freedom to go where I like, when I like me somewhere warm to sit on cold mornings
...making sure that I don't have to walk home in the rain
...putting a solid barrier between me and crazy drivers on the road
...making me feel a little more like a grown up
...the ability to be a friend who can give other friends a lift when they're stuck
...being a lot of fun to drive
...not being a really crap colour

What freedom does your transport give you? 


  1. right now, my bike makes sure i get at least 30 mins of real exercise a day.

  2. I love that you named your car. That car ring is devine xx

  3. I'm very much a public transport girl...I'm too day-dreamy to get behind a wheel! Public transport all the way for me :)
    Love the pictures!

  4. @Tynermeister - glad to see that even when sitting on your ass you're getting a little exercise :P

    @My Third Cousin - almost everything I own is named either Dave or James

    @Hermia - as a true blood country girl public transport just doesn't cut it at all for me. I'd die without my car