Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Being A Big Kid - At least when it comes to easy entertainment. Give me a jigsaw and I'll be amused for several hours and I know that I'm not alone on this one. Recently myself and my club had the honour of attending and competing at the Irish Student Nationals, and guess what the girls brought as half time entertainment.... colouring books! Lots of colouring books, and markers. At my last count I saw at least 15 archers curled up in the bleachers at the shoot, markers in hand, trying to out do each other with how well they could stay between the lines. And they all put them up on display when they were done too. Me? I'm more of a scrabble or board game type... my mum even surprised me at Christmas with a beautiful backgammon set.

Juicy - There are few things that remind me more of good weather and sunshine than a huge glass of cold juice. I'm not awfully picky about my flavour either, give me orange, pineapple, tropical, apple and no matter what... I'll be happy. 

Movie Solos - My favourite way to watch a movie is all alone in a dark and empty cinema in the middle of the day, when it's just me and the movie and maybe a bag of Haribo. No one asking questions, no one going out to the bathroom in the middle of the movie, no one rustling food wrappers. I started liking being on my own at the cinema when I was researching my final year thesis for my degree. I was looking into redesigning the experience of going to the movies and seeing what needed to be changed to make the whole thing more enjoyable. I spend many hours of my labs in the cinema sitting, and watching, and eating, all in the name of research. That was a great time.  

Honourable Mentions - being 'tiggerific' (if you're my friend on facebook you'll understand this one), having blue varnish on my toes, birthday cake, finding clothes in my wardrobe that used to be snug and now hang a little loose, putting Nevermind on in the car at full volume and feeling like an angsty teenager again, keeping up with my 4-5 classes per week 'In the gym' schedule, this week I'm all about bags... so this one, this one and this one are on my wish list, and maybe this one too, leftover Christmas lights still strung around my room, open toe shoes 

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